The Right Method To Loose Your Love Handles


Here are 6 effective but simple tricks to get nice abs.

 Love handles are caused by excess fat at your waistline which causes you skin to expand and gain a flabby nature. This problem can be eliminated if you follow these six tricks.

  • Understand How Your Body Stores Fat

Your body naturally loves to store fat at your waistline and this is the reason for love handles. It is usually the first part of your body to get fat and also one of the hardest places to loose fat so prevention is better than cure control your diet.

  • Dump Those Fat Burning Pills

They did little or no good to my love handles in the past. All I gained from them was a messed up hormonal system. Their side effects also took a toll on me. I experienced mood swings and they also gave me this uncomfortable feeling.

  • Don’t Waste Your Time on Irrelevant Exercises

I found out that those exercises that acted mainly on my abs did little or nothing to my love handles. Yes they gave me toned abdominal muscle but what is the beauty in that when love handles just kept sticking their head out of my nice dresses. So please don’t waste time on them but use the exercises I up listed.

  • Use The Right Exercise Techniques

I discovered that combining cardio exercises with the regular muscular exercises was very effective against love handles as they both burnt fat and toned up my abdominal muscles.

  • Eat Right

Make sure to eat balanced diet as this is very important if you wish to eliminate your love handles. Starvation and Zero fat diet is just not the answer, all they will do is make you suffer unnecessarily. Make sure to also take food rich in vitamins.

  • Combine Diet and Exercise

Combining this two strategies is all you need to do to get rid of love handles. Make sure to eat right and exercise right and believe me you will smile when you look in the mirror soon.

Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Love Handles.

Below are four mistakes to avoid if you wish to gain a flat belly.

  • The first thing to avoid is exercises that concentrate on mainly on your abs like sit-ups, leg lifts, crunches an so on as they will only waste your time. Working on all the muscles in your body is a better strategy as this will increase your metabolic activity there be burn more fat.
  • Women please drop the idea that the use of heavy weight during love handle exercises will cause you to bulk up and loose shape. If you control your calorie intake you will have no problem. Some athletic women with lean figure use heavy weight during exercises.
  • For the guys, try to avoid wasting your time on slow cardio exercises as they have little effect on love handles. Vigorous exercises done against resistance is a better option as they will speedily increase your cardiovascular activity and your metabolic rate there by burning up unnecessary fat.
  • Please don’t rely on low fat or carb diet for loosing excess fat as fat and oil are needed for the proper functioning of the body. A balanced diet is a better option as this provides the body with all the nutrients it needs.

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