How to get rid of love handles


Exercises For Love Handles

These are the best ways to lose side fat

Do you really want to get rid of love handles?  

Is it true that your clothes do not fit the same anymore?

Most of the time, you look at your side fat and ignore it until it is fully developed. Some of you have tried everything to help out with melting the extra fat but to no success. Maybe it could be a medical condition, and you need to see the doctor.

 On the other hand, it could be your lifestyle that is the cause of the love handles. It is responsible for some chronic diseases such as stomach cancer and even heart attacks. Here are some tips to help you in getting rid of the extra fat and stay healthy.

 Get Rid of Love Handles

  1. Adjusting your lifetime and mix various methods

For you to be successful and pull this off, it will require a bit of mental toughness to be able to resist the cravings. And one of the most important things to know is that it is a process that will take time. Plus you will need to mix some the tip, if not all the tips to guarantee the desired result.  All said and done your lifestyle will have to change the moment you decide to get rid of the handles.

  • Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol is a catalyst for the formation of calories in the body. When consuming alcohol at high percentages, it hinders the distribution of fats. This leads to the calories being stored around the waist and hips.

I do understand the withdrawal cannot be made within a snap of a finger. Therefore, it will be wise to reduce the number of bottles you take. If you drunk three bottles of beer, then reduce it to two for a start. Then later to one, which may end up being beneficial to your health as well. This will go a long in cutting down on the extra fat.

How to get rid of love handles

  • Eat the right amount of food
how to get rid of love handles

Losing the handles does not mean that you starve yourself. As much as taking calories may not be right for you when in the process of losing weight. You will need to cut on the intake to smaller portions. Having a meal that is low in the fat ensures that the hormones remain balanced.

Starving yourself or removing calories from your diet totally will cause havoc in the body. This leads to hormonal imbalance which later transforms to gaining weight rather than losing.

  • Avoiding stress

In the world of today, stress cannot be avoided; a little bit of it is right for you. But being stress in the high levels will make you maintain the handles or gain even more.

It leads to the production of the stress hormone. Once the hormone is produced, you will end up stress eating or having poor digestion. With stress eating, your appetite will be through the roof. Always eating and never being satisfied. This will make you gain belly fat at a faster rate.

Poor digestion means that some of the enzymes that are to be produced to emulsify the fats will not be produced. Stress levels can be reduced by finding an activity you enjoy doing.  These include dancing, playing sports, crying to let out the pain, or even talk to a person.

Love Handle Workouts

Best Exercise For Love Handles

exercises for side fat

Reduce love handles with these tips

  • Doing cardio exercises

This form of excise is ideal for you. This includes sit-ups, squats, and side planks, among others. You are to do the training in intervals and at a stipulated time.

For example, if you are to do side planks, the first set should include the right side. Here you are to take 15 to 30 minutes depending on you and then change to the left side.

I recommend combining the various exercises. It ensures you concentrate on the specific areas such as the hips, back, and the abs. Doing so will distribute the extra fat evenly in the body. It is a gradual process and requires determination and patience, as well. 

  • Weight lifts

Lose Love Handles Women

How to get rid of love handles women

This goes hand in hand with aerobics as much as it is an essential part of the exercise. Weight lifting will help in balancing the excess fat as well.

It helps by concentrating on the whole body, unlike aerobics. This will make sure the fats are barn fast and effectively. Start with lighter weights when you begin. The weight should be starting from the lightest to the heaviest.

Select one that will be comfortable for you. Do not try to over the exercise as it will lead to tearing of the muscles.  You can take 30 to 40 minutes in the gym and can be done twice or thrice a week. The muscles need time to rebuild and repair the torn ones.

Get rid of side fat

  • Get rid of sugary food

Removing the handles around the waist, hips, and back is a gradual process. It is wise for you to stop taking these foods. They contain elements that will lead to gaining weight. The fructose contained in the sugar foods is responsible for the extra fat. It should be consumed in moderation to ensure you remain healthy and fit. Natural sugars are also to be avoided when getting rid of the handles. 

  • Eat protein

A protein diet will be perfect for you, as well. Naturally, they tend to take longer to be digested. Have ever eaten meat at night and the next day wake up tired? Well, this is due to meat intake. It contains protein that takes a lot of energy to be broken down in the body. This will help in reducing the fat levels as it increases metabolic activities.

Furthermore, you will have a reduced appetite after protein intake. The handles will be reduced at a faster rate when you increase protein consumption. But you should do it in moderation. Food that contains proteins are eggs, milk, and beans.

  • Reduce crabs in your diet
Foods high in carbohydrate on wooden background. Top view

High intake of crabs usually leads to the production of extra calories. They are then stored in the body since they cannot be further broken down. Cutting on it will guarantee low fat in the body. To help you with this, you will not have to cut off the crabs’ intake entirely but stick to vegetables and whole grains. 

Have healthy fats intake

People regard fat as being a recipe for gaining weight. That is not entirely true; some of the fats are necessary for the body. There unhealthy and healthy fats. The unhealthy fats are saturated fats. These can be gotten from beef, cheese, and cream, pork, bacon fat poultry skin, among others.

The healthy fats to be consuming include the avocado, eggs, nuts, chia seeds. They provide fats that can be easily digested and not stored. And avoid products that are regarded as hydrogenated fats.


Having enough sleeping time is equally important. An average person should be sleeping for seven hours minimum. It will help in reducing love handles. Research has shown those who sleep less than the stated hours tend to gain more weight leading to the handles around the waist and hips.

 It is about time to keep the television and phones off when you reach home. This will help you to enjoy a quiet, peaceful rest. Did you know that the phone produces the blue light, which when sent to the brain it interprets it is still day time? Hence, lacking sleep though you are feeling tired.

 On the other hand, if you have done it and yet there is no sleep, then see the doctor. The condition you are showing is referred to as sleep apnea.

Drinking a lot of water

Our bodies are made up of 70 percent of water. Well, this is an indication of how vital the precious commodity is. It helps the body to remove unwanted materials.

You will need to remain hydrated when doing exercises. This will help in waste removal from the body. The unwanted calories are broken down to waste. Then we excrete them through sweat and even urine. Ensure you drink eight glasses of water every day.

Best way to lose side fat


Denying yourself food and fighting the urge to eat those extra calories. It is also a solution to fighting handles. When fasting, you are to skip some meals of the day. For example, if you take three meals a day. You cut it down to two then one.

The whole process should be done step by step. This ensures that your body adapts to the changes. During fasting, the body responds by producing the excess stored fat and breaks it down to food. Therefore, it reduces the extra fat around the waist and hips.

Diet to lose love handles


Fiber intake is essential in fighting the extra calories in the body and the food itself. Generally, when having a meal, you will ensure it has all the nutrients. Adding fiber to the meal will make one feel full and stop eating.

The fiber tenders to absorb more water from the meal and forms a gel in the gut to slow down food moving in it. And if the food contains calorie, fiber will act as a shield and prevent the body from absorbing the extra fat.

Take probiotic Foods or supplements

a set of fermented food great for gut health – top view of glass bowls against grunge wood: cucumber pickles, coconut milk yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, red beets, apple cider vinegar

When we hear about bacteria, then our mind immediately interprets it as an impending infection. Well, not all bacteria’s are harmful. Did you know that some of the antibiotics are made out of bacteria? This is proof that some of them are good for your health.

You will be able to reduce the handles by consuming bacteria. It is present in fermented food and yogurt. The strain found in these foods is known as the Lactobacillus family. Once ingested it emulsifies the fat and breaks it down to glucose which provides energy in the body.

Eating fish

This is one of the delicious meals to set on the table. It contains high levels of the protein that help in building and repairing the body tissues. Apart from its protein content, it also has omega three fats. If you want to get rid of the extra fat, then it is a must have in your diet. The omega three will guarantee you a perfect result. It breaks down the fat into glucose and improves your body shape as well as your health.

Drinking green tea

It is one of the oldest beverages that have been used in ancient times. Previous it was known to the Chinese, but after research, it revealed that it contained caffeine and antioxidant epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). The elements are responsible for increasing metabolism. They oxidize fat and improve insulin productivity hence breaking down the extra fat. 

I would recommend drinking 2 cups a day. This includes early in the morning without adding any sweetener. It ensures the levels of the elements remaining the same. And later in the evening take the last cup and rest. Relaxing will slow down digestion, and the green tea will be digested effectively and help in removing the fat stored in the body.

Medical procedure

This should be the last blow to helping you to deal with love handles. It is a surgical procedure that is done by a professional doctor. It is known as liposuction.

What the doctor does is inject a solution into the targeted region, either hips or the back. The solutions liquefy the fat cells and then suck out of the body using a vacuum-like respirator.  Other procedures include gastric bypass in which a section of the stomach is removed. This reduces your appetite. The results of the procedure are seen after some time.

Use coconut oil for cooking

It is ideal for you since it contains a chain of fats. These fats help in boosting metabolic activities, reducing the extra calories in the body. Two tablespoons of the oil every day will help in improving your health as well as removing the handles.

Stop drinking fruit juice after workouts

The juice is not as healthy drink as many may think. Though, it has minerals and vitamins that are good for the body. Sugar is a factor that cannot be ignored.

It usually leads to weight gain, and even after working out a whole month, there will be no difference. Stick to sugar-free drinks during and after the workouts. Avoiding it will help in breaking down the excess fat on your back or hips.       

You can eliminate love handles

Conclusion Love handles make you feel fat or even unwanted in society. To boost your confidence and self-esteem, I recommend following the guide. It is unhealthy and can as well cause chronic diseases. Losing weight is a slow process, and no shouts allowed. You will have to be persistent and ensure you combine some of the tips to be effective. Applying one technique will not help to do away with the extra fat.

Love Handle Workout Exercises

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