The end of Bulging Waistline (Love Handles).


Are you tired of your bulging waistline? If you are, here are two effective but simple ways to get rid of them.

The sight of a bulging waistline is not always appealing, as it tends to disfigure a perfect dress. Due to this, people who have this problem tend to always look for new ways to get rid of this excess fat and gain the perfect model look.

I suffered from this embarrassing problem in the past so I understand what anyone with this problem is passing through. Putting an end to this problem was not easy. I tried so many weight loss programs, dieting and starvation was also tested but all this did little or no good as the excess fat remained. This embarrassment remained evident at my waistline until I met a friend who showed me the two secrets that eventually ended the problem.

The two secrets I am going to be sharing with you today should be taken seriously if you wish to get rid of the problem as I did

Secret number 1: The Right Way To Exercises.

The name of this exercise is unknown to me but I will give you a detailed explanation on how to perform the exercise.

Step 1: Lie supine that is with your back on the floor, elevate your knees while planting the sole of your feet on the floor.

Step 2: lock your fingers behind your head, out stretch your elbows while relaxing your head and neck. Also make sure to keep your chin off your chest.

Step 3: Tilt your knee to the right.

Step 4: While looking froward, elevate your head and shoulders. Exhale during elevation and inhale when returning to your original position. Make sure to repeat step four until exhaustion.

Step 5: Return your knee to their original central position and then tilt them to the left. Step four should then be repeated as many times as you wish.

This whole process should be repeated once or twice daily.

Secret number 2: The Right Diet

A balanced diet is essential if you wish to lose your love handles. Meals containing high- fat or high-sugar should be avoided as these will only worsen the situation. Junk food should also be avoided as they will only replace all the fat you lost during your exercise and may even add more.

Fruits, vegetables and fishes should be consumed instead of junk food which are rich in fat. Drinking of enough water is also required. Water as simple as it seems helps to convert the excess fat into energy, also it gives a filling sensation if drank in high volume and this discourages excess food consumption. If you have noticed I haven’t said and thing about starving yourself as this is dangerous. Eat just the required amount of calories needed for a day nothing more, nothing less.

With these two secrets I have disclosed to you I don’t see you complaining of bulging waistline in the nearest future, just make sure to follow the design I have discussed earlier.

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